Complex Logarithmic Views

Showing very small details seamlessly connected to their context. This picture: The Metropolitan Museum in New York, with the whole world in the background. [paper] [video]

Art of MR

Independent interactive video installation initiated by Katja Heuer. Exploring intra-brain connections through physical movement. Head-Tracking with a Microsoft Kinect, software written in Processing and C++. [video] [youtube]

Map Warping

Schematic public transportation maps annotated with distorted map data. Interactive zooming technique for the exploration of details. [paper] [video]

Abstract Complex Logarithmic Views

Application of Complex Logarithmic Views for the visualization of abstract data such as software systems or graphs. [paper] [video]

Edgebundled Functional Connectivity

Abstract visualization of functional connectivity between brain areas as derived from resting-state fMRI. [paper] [nature]

Functional connectivity glyphs

Abstract visualization of functional connectivity of the whole cortex with multi-dimensional local shapes. [paper]


Research and art project Globorama in collaboration with the ZKM. Geographical imagery in a panoramic interactive cinema. Interactive navigation with a laser-pointer device. [video] [zkm]


BrainGL is an open source multi-purpose brain visualization software developed in C++, initiated by Ralph Schurade. Developed for brain research, it was also used for the creation of ”Fire and Wire”, a 3D video shown at the Ars Electronica festival. [youtube] [youtube(3D)]

Curriculum Vitae